Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guitar Hero, You're my Hero!
Have you played this freakin' game??? It's the mad note! I only played a few games, but it's enough to have me perusing, yes, I used the word, "perusing" kijiji, craig's list, ebay, EB electronics for a cheap way to get a PS2 and the beloved Guitar Heros! It's good ol' fashions family fun! and it Rox My Sox!!!
What do ya think XBox 360? I'm not gettion that until Shenue 3 comes out!!! My poor Ryu has been trapped in a freakin cave for 5 yeras now! AM2 help a brotha out!
So yeah, if you're looking to get rid of your ratty ol' PS2, give me a holla.
I love Big Mac's, I love Big Mac's, I love Big Macs! My Mommy told me so.
All together now!
I love Big Mac's, I love Big Mac's, I love Big Mac's! My Mommy told me so.
One more time, this time with feeling shout it out brothers and sisters!!!
Ben Folds
This dude is great! I have been a huge fan of Ben Folds (formerly of Ben Folds Five) for years (Since 1995) I first saw him on the side stage at Lolapalooza and he was different then anybody else there. Full of energy and a different groove. Then in the Summer that year at a Garage Sale my Dadf was having I noticed a CD simply called Ben Folds Five. It was still shrink wrapped, he must have picked it up for free somewhere. I thouhgt this may have been the guy I saw at Lola. I played the CD and from the first note, I knew that this guy was truly talented. My dad went to Scotland the next year, 1996, and picked me up a CD called Mad For It (Kick-Ass CD!!!) and guess who was on there. . . Ben Folds Five with their hit, "Underground" I dusted off my old Ben Folds Five CD and every once and a while I go through my Ben stage. The way he writes songs is like he is telling storey's. He is witty and talented. So if you're looking for something different and fun, pick it up He's got a crap load of CD's out now, if you need to borrow any, just ask, I've gottem' all!
Peace out ->
Fifteen Bucks a Day!

I'm on a new mission! I am chalenging myself to earn an extra $15 a day. If I can earn $100 or so in eight hours, surely I can earn $15 in the additional 16 hours! It seems silly! Almost laughable! But I think it will be a challenge it should't be, we'll see. . . I'll try to keep ya updated on my progress!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

You gotta love summer! You gom to work to find that you're the only car in the parkling lot because everyone's on vacation! Then there's the e-mails form EVERYONE! I'll be unavailable, I'm goin' away. I'll be enjoyin' a couple of weeks in the Sun etc. Then there always that one guy who's like, " I'm sednin' this e-mail to everyone to say I am NOT going on vacation, if you need to reach me, I'll be right here!
Oh, vaca. . . gotta love it!


Friday, November 11, 2005

What's a "Blog"?

Here it is folks, my very first BLOG! Maybe I should have waited until I actually had something to say, but instaed, i think i'll waiste a few seconds of your life that you will never get back! I didn't really even know what a BLOG was until one day while I was "busy" at work, I found an image of a guy giving the "thumb's up!" sign. I thought this was hilaripous! So, I e-mailed it as my attachment to everyone that day. Little did I know that this was a link to Sarah Sweeney's blog! It was all about how she got drunk the night before! Oh, great way to set a good impression at work! Yeah, anyways. Here it is, my very first BLOG. I hope you enjoy. I'll try to find that picture for ya too!
(You can check out Sarah's blog at:

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